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There is a cantina behind the bar, a hidden restaurant and a mezcaleria for 30 guests.

This is where we burn candles, make music quieter, pour mezcal and serve dinners the way we have learned it in Oaxaca.
Our team spent a month in a town in southern Mexico. We have learned from local chefs, searched for authentic recipes and tasted local food. In Moscow, we match our skills and knowledge to available ingredients and use herbs, spices, and techniques that we brought home to cook for you. Also, we brought seven kinds of mezcal directly sourced from the original distillers in Mexican villages.
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Chapulines and chili salsa, tostadas
Sweet tomatoes, piloncillo, goat cheese
Guacamole with herbs
Apple ceviche, sea bass, avocado
Barbacoa lamb, red and green salsas, tortillas
Pork carnitas, red and green salsas, tortillas
Beef tongue, sweet potato with rosita de cocao, spinach
Paleo ice cream, lime meringue, avocado
Burnt eggplant, goat cheese, tomatoes, chamoy
Carrot, whipped goat bryndza, salsa macha

Tour season of Mexican chefs

We invite aspiring Mexican cuisine chefs to cook own menu at our kitchen and serve set dinners at the cantina.
Santiago Muñoz
Santiago Muñoz
“Maizajo”, Mexico City
26– 29/09. 2018
An enthusiast of the traditional Mexican gastronomy. Semi-finalist of the S. Pellegrino Young Chefs contest in 2016. Awarded a degree in gastronomy at the Centro de Estudios Superiores en San Ángel (CESSA) university and worked at such famous restaurants as Fonda Mayora and Nicos. Cofounder of the Maizajo project, an initiative of manual production of tortillas and other national delights.
Alam Méndez
Alam Méndez
“Passillo de Humo”, Mexico City
24 – 27/10.2018
A long-time employee of the Las 15 Letras family restaurant in Oaxaca. The winner of the Gastronomica Rivera del Duero contest in nomination «Most Promising Young Chef». Designed own taco menu for the Hij de Sanchez store run by the famous chef Rosio Sanchez in Copenhagen.
Daniel Nates
Daniel Nates
“Maizal Puebla”, Mexico City
21– 24/11.2018
The finalist of the S. Pellegrino Young Chefs contest in Latin America. Gets inspiration from his parents who work as biologists, has a deep interest in various herbs and spices from the early age.
Joel Ornelas
Joel Ornelas
“Tintoque”, Marina Puerto Vallarta
13 – 15.12.2018
Worked as Creative Chef for the Pangea group of companies owned by a renowned chef Guillermo González Beristáin. Re-launched Le Bistro and Café des Artistes restaurants in Guadalajara. Worked for Michelin restaurants in London and San Sebastian. Loves cooking with domestic ingredients sourced from local farmers. His cuisine has contrast textures and sharp accents.


Pokrovka, 2/1-1, Moscow
Entrance through the arch at Starosadsky Lane, turn left and then right till the end of the yard